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BurgerFi VegeFi Burger

BurgerFi VegeFi Burger

The VegeFi Burger

BurgerFi is making veggies the main event this summer with our delicious, award-winning VegeFi® Burger.


Enjoy our chef-crafted veggie burger made with 15 real ingredients that are all-natural, non-GMO and sourced from local farms.

The More You Know:


What is special about the VegeFi® Burger at BurgerFi?
Our VegeFi® Burger is an exclusive chef-crafted recipe by BurgerFi, made by BurgerFi using fresh vegetables and non-GMO, real ingredients.


Is the VegeFi® Burger vegan?
No, the VegeFi® Burger contains cheese


Is the multigrain bun on the VegeFi® Burger vegan?
Yes. The bun is vegan.

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