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New Year, New Memes: Burgerfi’s Favorite Resolution Memes to Kickstart 2024

New Year, New Memes: Burgerfi’s Favorite Resolution Memes to Kickstart 2024

Myra Millan

Myra Millan brings a wealth of experience as a long-time Miami resident, dedicated mother, and passionate teacher. Her zest for life is evident in her love for fun, food and fitness. Her passion for culinary exploration is exhibited in her role as a monthly contributor at Breathe Media. With an adventurous palate, she loves uncovering new and exciting food experiences in the city.

As the calendar flips to another year, many of us start contemplating our New Year’s resolutions. Some enthusiastically embrace the idea of setting new goals and making positive changes, while others are a bit more reluctant to jump on the resolution bandwagon.


At BurgerFi, we believe in starting the year with a smile, and what better way to do that than with some hilarious New Year’s resolution memes? In our ongoing series of New Year Memes, let’s dive into the world of goals, aspirations, and humor.


Whether you’re seeking a good laugh, a dose of inspiration, or just a fun excuse to procrastinate momentarily, these memes are bound to resonate.


1. The “New Year, New Me” Starter Pack


We’ve all encountered that friend who wholeheartedly embraces the “New Year, New Me” mantra. This meme hilariously captures the essence of their transformation, from gym resolutions to an instant appreciation for kale smoothies.


2. The Gym-Goer’s Reality


Ah, the gym – a place where dreams of sculpted abs and bulging biceps collide with the reality of Netflix marathons and cozy blankets. This meme perfectly encapsulates the inner struggle of every aspiring fitness enthusiast.


3. The “This Year I’ll Save Money” Pledge


Financial resolutions are a common theme each New Year. We vow to be more frugal, save every penny, and finally stick to that budget. But hey, life happens, right?


4. The Snooze Button Conundrum


Mornings are tough, especially when you’re trying to kickstart your day with newfound enthusiasm. This meme humorously illustrates the epic battle between the snooze button and our well-intentioned resolutions.


5. The Meal Prep Struggles


Eating healthier often tops the list of New Year’s resolutions. While some master the art of meal prep, others find themselves lured by the siren call of takeout menus and food delivery apps.


6. The “I’ll Read More Books” Aspiration


For the bookworms among us, resolving to read more is an annual tradition. But with so many distractions in the digital age, achieving this goal can be a delightful struggle.


7. The Procrastination Predicament


Procrastination: the timeless nemesis of productivity. This meme humorously captures the eternal battle between our resolutions and the allure of procrastination.


8. The “No More Fast Food” Vow


Bid farewell to fast food – or so we promise ourselves each year. But as the days go by, the aroma of burgers and fries can be hard to resist.


9. The Home Workout Dilemma


With the rise of home workouts, many aspire to transform their living rooms into personal gyms. However, the convenience of Netflix at arm’s reach often

outweighs the call of exercise.


10. The “I’ll Learn a New Skill” Endeavor


Acquiring a new skill is a noble pursuit, yet the journey from novice to expert can be filled with amusing detours.


11. The Organization Odyssey


Decluttering and organization resolutions lead to epic home tidying adventures. Who knew there were so many items with sentimental value in the junk drawer?


12. The “Drink More Water” Commitment


Staying hydrated is crucial, and we vow to drink more water each year. Still, somehow, coffee and soda seem to find their way into our daily routines.


These resolution memes remind us that while setting goals is essential, it’s equally vital to find humor in our journey toward self-improvement. So, as you embark on your 2024 resolutions, remember that a good laugh and a tasty burger from BurgerFi can make the path to self-betterment all the more enjoyable. Here’s to a year filled with accomplishments, resilience, and plenty of reasons to smile.


Have a hilarious resolution meme of your own? Share it with us on social media, and let’s kickstart 2024 with laughter!


Note: BurgerFi encourages responsible indulgence and supports your journey toward your New Year’s resolutions – even if it includes savoring our mouthwatering burgers.


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