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Your Wingman for the Big Game: BurgerFi’s New Addition to the Lineup

BurgerFi Super Bowl -Your Wingman for the Big Game

Maria Alaniz

Maria is a Miami-based foodie who brings her passion for culinary exploration to her role as a monthly contributor at Breathe Media. With an adventurous palate, she loves uncovering new and exciting food experiences in the city.

As the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas gear up to host Super Bowl LVIII, the city of lights is buzzing with anticipation, and so am I! This year, the halftime stage is set for none other than Usher, making his triumphant return to the Super Bowl spectacle. Having dazzled us before in 2011 alongside the Black Eyed Peas, Usher is back, ready to join the ranks of unforgettable performers like Beyoncé, Prince, and last year’s sensation, Rihanna. I’m already counting down the minutes until his performance lights up the night!


The pre-game festivities are equally star-studded, with country music icon Reba McEntire delivering the national anthem, a role handed off from the incredible Chris Stapleton of last year. And let’s not forget Post Malone, who’s set to bring his unique flair to “America the Beautiful,” a song that always sets the tone for the game’s patriotic spirit.


As for “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” Andra Day will grace us with her powerful vocals, continuing the tradition in spectacular fashion. With such a lineup, the music might just rival the action on the field, and I’m here for it.


Amid the dazzling performances and the nail-biting anticipation of the NFL season’s climax, there’s another contender making waves in the Super Bowl festivities—BurgerFi, stepping into the game with its own lineup of game-day champions. If your bank account doesn’t rival that of Lamar Jackson and snagging a ticket to the heart of the action in Vegas feels like a Hail Mary, don’t fret. BurgerFi is here to ensure you’re not left on the sidelines with their new “wingman”: a roster that includes jumbo Chicken Wings, the innovative BurgerFi Salad Bowls, and the festive White Chocolate Peppermint Shake.


For those of us who revel in the halftime show’s grandeur and the big game’s spectacle from the comfort of our living rooms, these BurgerFi specials promise to elevate our at-home viewing experience. It’s like having a front-row seat to the culinary Super Bowl, where the flavors are as compelling as the on-field drama.


So, whether your Super Bowl Sunday is about the hard hits, the strategic plays, or Usher’s mesmerizing performance, remember that this event is tailor-made for a city like Las Vegas, known for its flair and extravagance. And with BurgerFi’s latest game day offerings, your Super Bowl spread will be just as memorable as the halftime show we’re all eagerly awaiting. Get ready for an experience that’s sure to be as flavorful as it is thrilling—no ticket required.


Super Bowl Day Party Menu


Whether you’re hosting a big gathering or just enjoying the game with a few close friends, you’ll want some top-tier eats to keep the energy high. So, let’s dive into the Super Bowl and see what BurgerFi has cooked up for you on this ultimate game day:


Wings Take Flight: BurgerFi is elevating the chicken wing game with their jumbo chicken wings. These babies are not your average wings—they’re crafted from fresh, never-frozen chicken, ensuring every bite is bursting with flavor. Choose from three delectable flavors: the seasoned Original for the traditionalists, the Memphis Sweet BBQ for those who crave a touch of smokiness, or the Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo for the spice enthusiasts. And don’t forget your choice of Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing to dip these beauties into. These wings are the perfect game day fuel.

BurgerFi Super Bowl Wings


Beyond Wings – BurgerFi Bowls: If you’re looking for something beyond the classic burger, BurgerFi has your back with their BurgerFi Bowls. These bowls are a healthier and versatile option, perfect for satisfying different tastes at your Super Bowl party. They start with a crisp base of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, jalapeños, and haystack onions—a medley of textures and flavors. Now, here’s where the fun begins—choose your protein! Whether it’s a classic Burger, a gooey Cheeseburger, a plant-based VegeFi® patty, or crispy Fi’ed Chicken Tenders, you can customize your bowl to suit your cravings. Top it off with BurgerFi’s signature Fi Sauce and Ranch dressing, or have them served “on the side” for extra control. These bowls are a game changer.


Sweet Victory – Shakes: No Super Bowl party is complete without a sweet treat, and BurgerFi has just the thing—our delectable shakes. Treat your taste buds to the rich and indulgent taste of our Vanilla, Chocolate made with Ghirardelli, Strawberry, Cookies + Cream with Oreo®, and Coffee Mocha shakes. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your team’s victory (or soften the blow of defeat). Get ready to savor the flavors that will leave you craving for more…don’t miss out on this sweet victory.


With BurgerFi’s Super Bowl specials on your party menu, you’re guaranteed a Super Bowl experience that’s not only thrilling but also incredibly delicious. So, get ready to cheer for your team, groove to the halftime show, and savor every bite of these game day delights. Enjoy your Super Bowl day party, and may the best team win!

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